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The purpose of this package is to educate medical professionals and the public about Pfizer’s recently released documents, as well as the requirement for medical professionals to report Adverse Events following immunizations.

The package includes: 

  • Information about medical professionals’ requirement to report adverse events following immunization
  • Information about Rapid Antigen Tests – hazards and toxicity
  • BCCDC Manual including an Adverse Events Monitoring Flowchart
  • Information and forms for reporting vaccine injuries
  • A 38-page Pfizer report on Adverse Events data (March 2022)
  • Early Covid Treatment Resources tri-fold brochure
  • Informed Consent tr-fold brochure

Call to Action: Please download and print these documents and share with your Doctor, Pharmacist and other Health Practitioners who may not be aware of the reports of significant adverse effects of the Covid-19 medical treatments.

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